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Acrylic painted Wooden Slices | The Moon Phases


Wooden Slices (Ours were from Amazon)

Acrylic Paint

Paint Brushes

I remember even as a child feeling so exited at the mention of paint! I have such wonderful memories of being covered in colour and feeling completely immersed with pure Joy. It is only as I have grown, I have come to realize quite the rarity of these experiences. Instead we are often presented with a 'Step by Step' set of instructions, designed to structure and control any of our own creativity, to duplicate that of something which is deemed as 'perfect'.

Art is not Perfect.

Please remember this when recreating any form of Art/Tutorial and just be you!

My aim in all of my posts is to simply inspire and fuel creativity in its purest form.

I feel the internet can be an extremely misunderstood realm of comparison and despair at times. On the other scale it can be truly beautiful and filled with inspiration! A place where wonderful communities pull together to support one another in their desires.

(Star Constellation background was created by paper punching some plain white paper and sticking the circles in formation of the Astrological Zodiac Signs on black paper.)

I have always wanted to reinvent these fond experiences and create new memories for my children. I hold strong beliefs in art being a form of expression and truly believe it is so important for children to be given the opportunity to explore and discover themselves through this creative form.

As a Home Educator I am inspired by the Philosophies and Educational Approaches of Montessori, Reggio, Wardorf and many Nature Inspired Educators. Therefore alot of our Activities explore Themes of which are closely related to Nature and Natural Cycles. Whilst remaining completely mindful of the importance of Educational fundamentals, we simply choose to explore these in other ways on a project basis.

Our Weekly Theme recently has been The Moon and The Lunar Phases.

For this Activity we decided to create some Acrylic painted Wooden Slices which represented the Phases of the Moon.

Simply using your Acrylic paint work through the Eight Phases of The Moon, you could choose to use the whole of the wood or an area of it!

You could even create little scenes of which may help you remember the phases, as apposed to painting just the Moon... (See the Waxing Gibbous Phase above).

Wherever your creativity takes you! Have fun!

Love, Katie


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